Here we go again

Mitt Romney is running for president for a third time, and even we at Mitt Romney is a tool headquarters are astounded. Eight years ago, in response to his pathetic and ridiculous attempt to relate to urban youth by quoting the Baha Men, we created this website and its tagline, “who let the dogs out.” When he lost, we knew he’d try again, and in 2012, we followed his campaign, building a website that documented Mitt’s positions on a variety of issues. Most importantly, we created dozens of Mitt Romney photoshops, some of which made the rounds. We took Mitt down, one photoshop at a time. When he lost, we were sure this man was done with politics; so sure, in fact, that we deleted the site and went on with our lives.

It seems that we were wrong. Mitt, out of either narcissism, delusion, or just sheer boredom, will “almost certainly” run in 2016. We’re not thrilled about this news. We have lives, and the less we think about Mitt, the better those lives are. But we also feel a strong calling to expose the truth about this man. And so, once again, we re-start Mitt Romney is a tool. We’re glad you’re here with us. Feel free to contribute to the campaign: write a post, tweet some shit, or submit a photoshop. Together, we can all work to ensure that no child growing up in America will ever utter the words “when I grow up, I want to be like Mitt Romney.”

-TBX & Kenny Genius